Frosty Acai Protein Breakfast Bowl

Frosty Acai Breakfast Bowl

Acai Bowls are all the rage in the mainstream and raw vegan world, and for good reason! They taste like a decadent frosty treat with a burst of berry flavor. An added benefit is being packed with vitamins, live enzymes and powerhouse anti-oxidants. ...

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{ Shabbat & Holiday }

Kid Magnet Chicken Soup With Matzah Balls*

matzah ball soup final

My friend Karen in Albany, New York where I am from is a great gourmet cook who is originally from South Africa.  We inspired each other whenever we cooked together for a holiday or party. As gourmet as she is, her chicken soup is literally known as ...

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Stir Fried Baby Bok Choy*


When baby bok choy is fresh in the produce section, grab it! Otherwise, it is available most of the year at Asian markets. Bok Choy is loaded with sulforphane, an enzyme that protects against cancer. It is also very high in vitamins A and C. A ...

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{ Appetizers }


Salsamole pic cooking demoIMG_7036

For a south of the border festive dip with a twist, I created this crowd-pleasing combination of salsa and guacamole. Mexican food always takes me back to my childhood in Albany, New York where we had ...

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‘Shrimp’ on the Barbie*


This marinated grilled "shrimp,"(I keep kosher, so I use imitation kosher shrimp made from white fish, is called surimi. I use the DynaSea kosher brand.) It is loaded with garlic and herbs and ...

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Israeli Hummus

IMG_Israeli Hummus FInal 6883

This is a classic Israeli appetizer and spread that happens to be very good for you as well as tasty! You can serve hummus so many different ways with countless variations. This is the basic recipe. ...

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{ Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals }

IMG_Pasta with Veggetarian Bolognese0989_1
Sloppy Joes
balsmic mushroom chicken

{ Soups & Sandwiches }

California TLT SandwichIMG_2361
butternut curry soup with butternut squashIMG_5989
IMG_1532cream of tomato bisque
Velvet Corn Soup